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Most ancient knowledge & legacy of India. Through the study of planets, their positions and inter-relation aspects & time periods, we learn what are the areas of our activities, opportunities and what are the impediments & how we can overcome the same. 

Remedies and solutions that can make you life easier and better

Astral light patterns that reflect our destiny and future.
Horoscope Analysis
Horoscope analysis is a general analysis of your horoscope as per placement of planets in the birth chart, their impact on your life, identifying problematic areas/weaknesses and advising an optimal solution using astral remedies, color and gemstone therapy.

Selecting an auspicious time (Muhurta)
Auspicious time is when all the planets in the universe are aligned in your favour for achieving success in any important personal or professional activity like marriage, new construction, new venture/agreement, property related decisions, surgery, travel, job interview. Performing the personal and/or professional activities in such auspicious timing increases the probability of success.

Gem stone therapy
Gemstones have creditable history and referred in the Vedas in ancient time for providing strength to the weak planets in order for them to perform and promote their results. Gems are connected with the planets and exerts tremendous influence on human beings and helps in all sphere of life like health, status, marital bliss, financial gains, provide professional stability, strengthen personal & professional relations and many more. These gemstones are worn in an auspicious timing to get maximum benefit to lead happier, healthier & fruitful life.

We can plan in a better way and be well prepared for the events. 

It is believed that the position of stars and planets at the time when an individual is born has great influence on his/her life. The planets and stars affect the fate of the person, and with the planetary and star transits, various positive and negative events occur in his life.