Rohit Sethi, MBA, CFA, is a London-based self-employed financial services consultant who learned the art of Vedic Astrology from his father, also a renowned Vedic Astrologer, whilst growing up. Astrology has been an integral part of his lifestyle since childhood. Rohit specializes in but is not restricted to horoscope reading using birth details, providing insight into various aspects of life, health, career, relationship/partnership, finances, selecting auspicious timing, and making bespoke astral recommendations, colour therapy, gemstone therapy for healing where needed. In the absence of birth details, a horary chart is created based on the querent’s place and time of location.

14 years of experience within astrological consultation has ensured a wealth of knowledge and contacts alongside an extremely strong reputation.

Although based in London, UK, Rohit provides consultation to his clients not only in the UK but around the world through 1-1 meetings, phone, Skype, Teams calls, or emails. During the session, Rohit can help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, untapped opportunities, and any potential threats that you should be aware of and timely astrological action that can be taken to mitigate risks. Please contact for any queries or to book an appointment.