Our services allow you to have a better understanding of the world around you. By embracing the astrological world, you are able to see things that others can’t. Our services, including horoscope analysis and auspicious time prediction give you all the information you need to live a structured and comfortable life. The price of the services is on request. Please contact for any queries or to book an appointment.

Horoscope Analysis
Horoscope analysis is a general analysis of your horoscope as per placement of planets in the birth chart, their impact on your life, identifying problematic areas or weaknesses and advising an optimal solution using astral remedies, colour therapy, gemstone therapy and zodiac pendant. Some people may not have the birth details available for generation of a horoscope. In those cases a specific query horoscope is created using the timings and location of the person in question.
Astral Remedies
When there are severe planetary afflictions by birth and/or temporary congestion in a horoscope, certain astral remedies are prescribed for the relief and to reduce the negative impact of malefic planets. Astral remedies are holistic and non-invasive way of lessening the afflictions and negative impact of malefic planets. These remedies when performed consistently on regular basis can lessen the malefic impact by 50-60%. Astral remedies combined with gemstone therapy, colour therapy and zodiac pendant can be a very powerful tool in reducing the congestion in everyday life.
Colour Therapy
Colours have healing power and can impact our moods and behaviours in life. It is a strong therapy that dates back to thousands of years and has evidence in the ancient literature in India and the far east. Colours have energy and vibrations that impacts human beings. Wearing and getting in contact with the right colours can enhance our body’s chakras to promote positivity. On the other hand, wearing wrong colours of malefic planets can cause tension and stress. For instance, wearing the colours of devil in trying times can be like adding fuel to the fire.
Selecting an auspicious time (Muhurta)
Auspicious time is when the planets in the planetary cabinet are aligned in your favour for achieving success in any important personal or professional activity like marriage, new construction, new venture/agreement, property related decisions, surgery, travel and professional matters. Performing the personal and/or professional activities in such auspicious timing increases the probability of success and eliminates the negative energy. Such time is manually calculated using the Ephemeris and transit position of planets and their movements.
Gemstone therapy
Gemstones have creditable history and referred in the Vedas in ancient time for providing strength to the weak planets in order for them to perform and promote their results. Gemstones are connected with the planets and exert tremendous influence on human beings and helps in all spheres of life like health, status, marital bliss, financial gains, provide professional stability, strengthen personal and professional relations and many more. According to Vedic Astrology, gemstones are worn in an auspicious timing to get maximum benefit to lead happier, healthier and fruitful life.
Zodiac Pendant
A zodiac pendant is an integral part of astral remedies which has gained acceptance across the world. A zodiac pendant is a metallic pendant made of silver or gold that has mystical numbers inscribed in it in an auspicious time. These mystical set of numbers are taken from the classical Hindu literature and they represent certain functional benefic planets in a person’s horoscope. When these functional benefic planets are weak in a horoscope due to bad placement, combustion or afflicted by malefic planets, they are unable to protect and promote their general and specific significations. Wearing a zodiac pendant in an auspicious time provides strength, energises and boosts these weak planets for them to perform their function. It can increase the strength of weak planets by 40-50%. There is a zodiac pendant for each of the 12 signs.
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